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Cast Iron Manhole Cover
Cast Iron Manhole Cover
In general manhole covers used cover the pits to:
  • Prevent people from falling into it.
  • Manhole cover for septic tank
  • Prevent trash and debris entering into the pits or drains.
  • Prevent the bad odor spreading into surrounding areas  
Cast Iron Manhole Covers are preferred for a number of reasons, some of them are listed below:
  • Highly durable. Cast Iron is highly resistance to heavy loads.
  • Maintains their shape for longer duration. In case of shape distortion they can be restored back to original shape.
  • They are heavier, so not easy to steal. Due to their heavier weight they are able to stay firmly placed over the pit.
  • Though the costs are high, but the quality is pristine. 
FRP Manhole Cover
                  FRP Manhole Cover
The recent rise in steel prices and the problem of theft of steel holes and uncontrolled ditch covers have created a huge demand for stainless, durable steel hole covers. And drainage cover made of Fiberglass Reinforced plastic (FRP) is ideal for use.  
MuiGrate Frp Cover manufactured with high quality Isopthalic Polyester Resin and the exterior surfaces are coated with a UV resistant gelcoat. The standard grit-top surface provides perfect anti-slip flooring. MuiGrate FRP Cover provides excellent corrosion resistance, easy to install and offers long term durability. These products are ideally suited for manhole covers, trench cover, platforms and also to control subsurface odours.
Whether covers are rectangular or round, MuiGrate FRP Cover equally satisfies the unique challenge created by each type of application.
Concrete Manhole Cover
Concrete Manhole Cover
Concrete manhole cover is originally used more in residential areas.
The advantages of concrete manhole cover is very obvious, low cost, with active anti-theft, not easy to lose and concrete manhole cover is generally thicker, but also more anti-theft.  
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