PE Bio-Filter Or Septic Tank
PE Bio-Filter Malaysia made Septic Tank are leak proof and resistant to rust as well as most chemicals contained in soil and sewerage. Manufacture under stringent quality control. Strong, durable material septic tanks operate efficiently under harshest condition.
MF6-PE Bio fiter Septic Tank
MF 2-PE Bio Filter SEptic Tank
MFR2-PE Bio Filter Septic Tank
Horizontal type of MFR2-PE Bio filter septic tank.

Maintenance Free
Free of any moving part or lift pump whatsoever, the PE Bio filter is a non-mechanical system requiring virtually zero maintenance. Beside the up-flow filtration system by nature. non-clogging and thus trouble-free.
MF3A-PE Bio Filter Septic Tank
PE Bio-Filter Wastewater Treatment System is easy to handle, Transport and install. It facilitates easy inspection as well.
MF12-PE Bio Filter Septic Tank
PE Bio-Filter is designed for a high extramural strength capability to withstand a harsh environment.

Wide range of types & models to suite various need in the sewerage industry.

Cheaper treatment system and cost effectiveness.

High Quality due to stringent Quality Control & quality material.
MF3-PE Bio Filter Septic Tank
Easy DE-slugging is made possible through an isolated, direct access to the settling zone of the PE-Bio filter as well as a large outlet facilitating attachment of the DE-slugging pipe.
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